ENP - Durban, South Africa
#TrainingTuesday - Lukas Hesse & Julius Neszvecsko
Building engagement: Sport and Facebook - Jerry Newman Keynote Speech
ENP Clinic - Medemblik, the Netherlands
Sports impact on sustainability - Jill Savery Keynote Speech
#TrainingTuesday - Mari Erdi
All Star Partners - Grael & Kunze
Consumer research, the foundation of a commercial strategy - Uli Lacher Keynote Speech


Belvedere Humpybash 2014

Time: October 18, 2014 at 6pm to October 19, 2014at 7pm Location: Woody Point, QLD 4019 Event Type: the, series, is, open, to, boats, that, meet,definition, of, “off-the-beach”, dinghies, or,catamarans. Organized By: Humpybong Yacht Club Latest…

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  "Currently In Testing Mode"

Welcome to Sailing a site for all off the Beach Catamarans and Sailing boats,whether you sail a Weta or a Hobie Cat. This site is for all boats launched from the beach. Catamarans-Mono's and Trimarans. The site is currently in Test Mode and we are not taking members until completion of the site. Welcome and please feel free to have a look around and please drop back at a later date and check our progress.